Gary and Marta, two ordinary university teachers, one day come home and encounter a mysterious "visitor". They don’t know yet that it escaped from the well-known Smuggler Dexter with a key to his treasures. Dexter is sending his right hand to Shaddok to get the creature back. The couple will have to leave their dull everyday lives in order to save their new friend.


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He is a nerdy guy and a teacher in the same university! He loves his job, he is very romantic towards Marta and incredibly optimistic, he believes that he is gonna discover something incredible! 


It all started with one weird sketch in the middle of the night on a random page of my sketchbook. Slowly I kept coming to look at that sketch again and again until I reached out to my dear old friend to help me write a story... and this is where the magic started to grow and the idea of making comics started developing.. 

From episode 9  I am working in a collaboration with an amazing writer Enrique Rosado, who helps bring the story to another level with his unique humor and skill for storytelling (which helps me a lot! and saves me more time to worry about art itself, haha)


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