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01. Slavic Love

Updated: Feb 1

Project that has a lot of meaning for me, this is something I enjoyed developing and focused all my attention in the last year of college.

Story Synopsis:

It is a story about how Dobrynia Nikitich, a legendary warrior, defeated the giant dragon Zmei Gorynich and met his future wife, Nastasya Mikulishna, on his way home. coming back from the victorious hunt Dobrynia is ever more egotistical and overconfident of his skills to cut down anything or anyone that may be a threat.

He decides that a dragon’s head isn’t enough to feed his ego the moment he eyes a potential enemy soldier in the distance.

The brash warrior readies his attack thinking he will have more to show for back home.

Little does he know that he’ll return home more humbled than he ever was, and to his luck with a beautiful intimidating wife.

Our film is dedicated to all the beautiful and strong females around the world!

Character Design

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Background designs

Pose exploration


Frames from the Short Animation


Team For the Project

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