An older ANNUSHKA is sitting in her rocking chair knitting while reminiscing on her childhood. She taps her foot an old nursery rhyme that she remembers from her childhood.  She begins to recall a memory of when she met her old friend LESHIY. 

    A young Annushka is waiting for her forest friend to come, he knocks her head to grab her attention and the two of them leave on a little adventure. They skip about the pond, giggling and poking fun of each other having a grand time. They spend the whole day laughing and end up sitting under a fallen tree watching the sun go down. Leshiy realizes that it is about to be night time and grabs Annushka’s hand to lead her out of the woods. However, when they reach the border of the forest, Annushka sees her parents off in the distance. She lets go of the hands of the beast and runs towards them. Halfway she notices that her friend didn’t tag along. He is in pain near the border of the forest and the village. He cannot go past the edge of the forest and laments that this will be the last time that they will see each other. She rushes back and embraces him and leaves her doll as a parting gift to remember her fondly by. 


Time marches on. It’s a rainy night sometime in the distant future. Leshiy is sitting under the rain looking at the doll, which is now old and decaying. He attempts to fix some of the parts that are falling off, but his efforts are in vain and the dolls limp and eyes fall to the raining dirt floor of the forest. He looks down at his reflection in the puddle and falls into a stand of pure distress. He is consumed with loneness. He throws the ragged remains of the doll into the puddle and lets out a gruesome howl that engulfs the night, “OWWWWUUUUUUUU”. 


Annushka is still carefully crafting away in her chair when she hears the howl in the night. She turns her head to the window knowingly. She completes the doll which bears a striking resemblance to her old forest friend. She places the doll on the bed next to her sleeping grand-daughter. The grand-daughter opens her eyes, turns, and hugs the doll tight. She falls back asleep dreaming of adventures yet to come.